Letterpress tourism

If you are in the Mudgee / Gulgong area of New South Wales, it’s worth paying a visit to the Gulgong Pioneer Museum to see its outstanding collection of printing equipment. Ranging from the first press used in Gulgong, an Albion flat bed, through upright platens to six Linotype machines and a Ludlow caster, the display is well set up for a small regional museum with limited resources, and much of the equipment appears to be still in occasional use. If you are visiting Australia, Mudgee is famous for its vineyards, and once a year hosts the Huntington Music Festival, a wonderful celebration of chamber music and more. The museum’s website is http://www.gulgong.net/gulgong_pioneers_museum.php

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Would like to second this - if anyone decides to go, ask for Arthur, he is not only a charming old gent, but he knows his print industry through + through. We stayed with him the year before last in our first steps researching through what it would take to get a letterpress operational, and the Pioneers Museum is a wealth of knowledge that hopefully remains in the future. The press shed that the Museum has on offer would no doubt make many a pressman green with envy.