Gothic Condensed wood type material

I recently bought U&lc of this gothic condensed but I’m not familiar with the the formed plastic with dovetail joint.

Can someone tell me the history/process please?
The body is wood and seems to old but the top has me puzzled.

Inky Lip Press

image: image.jpg


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Hi Casey,

Hopefully the wood type experts will weigh in, but, it looks to me to be of the celluloid type from the late 1880’s.


Looks to me like a delicious vanilla frosted chocolate cake in this picture! Mmmm!

h had a birthday. Love the comment. Celluloid type from late 1880’s, thanks John you’re correct.

Never thought of wood type as desert. Not a bad idea at that!

to all

I had wondered if type could be made this way. Thanks.