Ghosting on Heidelberg Windmill


I am experiencing ghosting on my heidelberg windmill. I am using oil based ink (Ink in Tubes) and wondering if I need to change the type of ink.

Any trouble shooting tips would be appreciated.

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make sure you clean the rails, any dirt or junk on them could cause this.

Thank you.

Here are two of test print that are showing the ghosting

image: ghosting1.jpg


image: ghosting2.jpg


I am with dickg. Clean the rails and form roller bearings .

As has been observed, that there are a few (not many admittedley) Thompson Platens, in use and existence in The States, might it be possible to enquire of one of your users has this, or could this ever happen, with Thompsons CHAIN driven Rollers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Would verify above suggestions.<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It has been rumoured that Heidelberg attempted to pilfer this system, at one point. Perhaps the real facts would be interesting???