How exactly step by step should I install the rider roller?

Got a rider roller from ebay. It does not come with any bolts for installation. Would any nuts and bolts that fits do the job? or shall i get specific ones? And it seems not fitting into the space between the two pillars. I notice that red ball windmill has straight pillars and black ball ones are hooked. I hope I have not bought the wrong part…

Thanks in advance~

image: rider roller.JPG

rider roller.JPG

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Got a frame from a video on boxcar press blog. So it is ears pointing up and lock it on with two bolts.

I may be a handy man but I am no mechanic. Advise from experts on what kind of nuts and bolts should be used to lock it nice and tight will be much appreciated. As I was told that if set it is not properly set up, the roller could smash my press.

image: rider roller boxcar.png

rider roller boxcar.png

its a specially machined part that the bolt goes into, you will need to get the right part or you could break your press.

but I couldn’t even fit the part into the space between the two pillars :(

I believe the rider on my 1970 red ball windmill is different than the rider on my 1961 black ball windmill. The rider hardware on the red ball seems to be specialized… where as the black ball hardware seems like something you could find at any hardware store. Perhaps this could be the problem?


I confirmed with the ebay shop that is selling me the part. Turns out that I need two more pieces to get it rolling.

Guide Piece - T901.025
Hexagon Head Screw – J6

Hope they have them it their inventory.

Anyone has extra of the above stated parts? I will take them!

I got nuts and bolts from McMaster Carr that work on my late 50’s windmills. Had to buy a bag of 25 each but they were cheap. Needless to say I’ve got a few to spare. Send me an email and we’ll see if they work for you - [email protected]

Thanks Dace for your generous offer. Turns out that my problem is more complicated. The core rod of the roller is too long and have to be replaced. Luckily my machine supplier took it to a workshop and fixed it.

now it is bolted onto the form rollers. I have read it somewhere in the forum that said it should be set in contact with the lower roller. Am I doing it right as shown in the attached photo?

image: 194884_464799156913087_73704151_o.jpg


my rider sits on both form rollers.

If there is the slightest difference in diameter between the two form inkers then the set up shown is all you can do , however they are usually set with the rider bridgeing across both inkers .

There is a slotted piece (maybe the guide piece you referred about) that fits inside the rectangle hole on each end of the roller. That will position the rider on both forme rollers.

image: Rider parts.jpg

Rider parts.jpg

So between the form rollers that is~
Can’t wait to print large solids.

But how to judge the size of a solid area? How many cm square is large? 5? 10?