Advance 25 inch paper cutter

This Advance paper cutter is a 25 inch size and was made by Shriedewend and Lee Co. It is 42”W x 64” H x 48” D.
The right structural leg was cracked and then welded with two “U” shaped steel beams bolted on the support. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition.
We have a small museum and have a 36” cutter and not enough space to display this cutter.
The cutter is in Peabody, Kansas. I am the curator and I am setting up the displays. I do not live in Peabody, but will meet who buys the cutter.
I was unable to upload any pictures since they are too big. I will gladly e-mail you pictures if you request them.
We are asking $300.00 or best acceptable offer.

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