Heidelberg Cylinder Questions

We may have an opportunity to purchase a 22x32 Heidelberg Cylinder form a local offset printer that’s going out of business. I’ve always drooled over it in their shop, but I don’t know much about how they work…YET.

They asked me to name a price, and I have no idea what the going rate is. I’ve looked online but haven’t come up with much on the pricing of these.

It’s been used up until this week, but only for die cutting. Does anyone know how difficult it will be to restore it to printing condition? Is die cutting too hard on them, that it may not be possible to get it back in printing shape?

Any thoughts/input on pricing and or making it print again would be greatly appreciated!


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Many times the inking system was scrapped when these presses were converted to diecutters. Do you know if this machine still has the inking unit with rollers and fountain?

Also you may found that the bed has been ground to a different depth depending on what sort of work they were doing.

You could probably fined an inking unit, but be prepared to spend a good amount of money in putting this machine back into printing service. You might consider calling up Whittenburg or Demer’s and see what sort of advice they’d offer.


Thanks, Brad. Yes, unfortunately the inking system was cut off and scrapped. They said they added a metal plate for their desired die cutting height, so that may have protected the bed. I’ll reach out to Whittenburg and Demer’s and see what they have to say on the topic!

The bed will probably be ok but the method by which the ink unit was removed is your concern , then locating the relevant parts and an engineer up to fitting it ,you are in for a costly journey so a bit spent on an engineer to look before you buy would be a very good idea .

the only thing that will determine your decision is your budget, give us a call on monday ask to speak to Graeme, 615 212 0015, visit the web site www.whittenburginc.com, we have all the parts for any heidelberg letterpress machine, if you need to speak sooner my cell phone number is 615 423 4017, if you can buy the machine for a good price then it may be cost effective to put it back to its original specification. i hope we can be of somme assistance.