Looking for Helvetica & Baskerville lead founts

hello guys. Does anyone know if there is still the possibility of purchasing new lead (metal) type, i learned of one chap here in germany but he passed away in 2010 and I am unable to find anyone that still creates new type. I would love to have helvetica between 8pts and 12pts and Baskerville in about 9pts - 14pts and I am also interested in used if this is not possible.


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We cast new type, but it’ll be a different height to German type - 0.918”. We have all the sizes of Helvetica and Baskerville you’re looking for.

Have a look at www.handandeye.co.uk, and drop me a line on [email protected] if you want to ask anything.



Rainer Gerstenberg in Darmstadt still casts brand new foundry type and he’s got all the original Helvetica matrices. I don’t know if he’s got Baskerville, but am sure you’ll find something that suits you. Probably the largest collection of matrices around.
[email protected]
[email protected]

and by the way, he can deliver any type height!

image: helvetica_matrices.JPG


thanks a lot, I will check them out. I thought i was going to find it very difficult. Height won’t be a problem, I can soon fiddle with rollers and whatnot to get it sorted, I have not yet had the luck of popping anything, whether type or bases with polymer nor wooden ornaments into either of my presses and just start churning out the prints. It has always been a big fiddle, makes my wife think i am mad in fact.