Type and cases for sale

Five cabinets with job cases full of type and borders. My uncle and I were both shop teachers and much more, to keep it brief. He set up shop in his garage. Type came from auctions and small shops closing down. All well taken care of. From random sampling looks to very clean. My uncle passed about 6 yrs ago and my aunt gave me the shop. I moved it form NC to OH. In the move some type may have jumped the compartments but still in the same drawer (case). Some of the ID labels came off so I don’t know what’s in some drawers. I have about 70 cases that are identified and have list in a text file I can send you. Also there is a drawer full of borders and decorations, a drawer of ruling and some perf. Then there is a drawer of about 160 - 170 custom block images on wood bodies and a few solid cast images. Included a pic of one of my favorites with a wood body.

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