C&P 10 x 15 Dimensions

Oh Hi

I am picking up my first C&P 10x15 this weekend, should be a fun 12 hour drive.

Can anyone give me the dimensions of the 10x15? Both at the base and its widest/longest points? I am having trouble locating this.

I plan on hauling it on a trailer but if I can throw it in the bed of a truck instead I would like to do that.

holleratchaboi - scotty

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make sure you close the press and tie it shut, this makes it a little less tippy. hauling it on a trailer is your best bet, i think the only way to get it in a pickup truck would be to take it apart.

Trailer probably best as it will probably have better places to tie down.
One ton pickup will probably work, but tie downs probably not real satisfactory.
The press is top heavy. It must be tied down to the sides very well so it doesn’t tip when you make the emergency swerve. Must be tied very securely to the rear so it doesn’t come forward with an emergency stop.
It must be one with the vehicle. Real tight.
Remove ink disk and place on blanket or old towels in hauling vehicle.

Scotty -

I’ve got some specs - measurements I’ve taken myself from presses we have in the collection - posted on my page at http://excelsiorpress.org/dimensions.html#PRESSES

The full C&P brochure from 1914 is available at http://www.aquiseencuaderna.com/pdf/chandler.pdf
see page 12 for the published factory specs on the 10x15.

also: http://excelsiorpress.org/Chandler_and_Price/index.html

Basic width is 43” stripped down. flywheel & shaft removed - 31 1/2”

BUT - as Dick G suggests - use the TRAILER - $30/day from U-Haul and far, far safer than putting it up on a truck.

PLEASE review this page before you make the move:

- Alan

Thanks everyone and Alan for the specs. Im planning on using my dads trailer, my truck got hitched today. About ready to delve face first.