Golding Pearl no. 3…

Hello everyone, I just recently purchased what I think is a Golding Pearl! So exciting! I am posting pictures because I seem to have a part that has fallen off and am wondering what it’s function is and if it needs to be fixed… Because I am new to the world of printing, I’d love any input I can get on the press! Does anyone know where to buy rollers?


image: P1013057.JPG


image: P1013060.JPG


image: P1013066.JPG


image: P1013072.JPG


image: P1013073.JPG


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The function of the part is to advance the ink disk, keeping the ink even, and supplying fresh ink each print cycle. Yes, it needs to be fixed. It appears to be on the press in the first picture, unless you have an extra, it goes back on as shown in that picture. I use Ramco Roller Products for rollers, but, there are others such as Todds Press Time, and Tarheel Rollers that get compliments.


Thank you so much for the info! Have you printed with this type of press before? Do you use boxcar bases?

I’ve taken a look at the part pictured and it just goes back on? It doesn’t need to be welded or anything?

So excited! I just want to start printing!

John Falstrom is the Golding Guru of the East, if anyone can help you its him, and yes he has printed on a few of these i’m sure.

You might consider telling us where you are located, because you may want to come to one of our locations for a lesson/demo on a Pearl #3 first. If you have never printed by letterpress before, there are a lot of things we could show you, so you wouldn’t have to learn them by trial and error (how to lubricate the press, how to pack the platen and adjust it for even impression, how much ink to put on for a run, and how big an image you can print, come to mind). Also, don’t forget that the press is made of old, brittle cast iron and if you are not familiar with it, there is an increased possibility that you could break something.

Best of luck, I have that press as well and like it, but I am
careful not to overload it.


Actually, I have other Golding presses I prefer to print on as the No. 3 does not have a throw off. I love mine just the same. You may find it helpful to join our Pearl restoration forum on Yahoo. It is by invitation only, but I can send an invite if interested. You can ask questions to over 100 other Pearl owners. The boxcar system is not my preferred method, as I am not a job shop. I prefer copper on wood and the longevity that comes with them. I cannot tell from the pictures provided if it will go back on without a fuss. It is held on with a pin so that it can move up and down like a see saw. It’s possible the other piece it mounts to has a problem which could be why the part is off. Or, its possible the pin just needs to be removed from the part, the two parts held in place and the pin reinserted. If you cannot see how it is supposed to go, I can send a picture. I would also pay attention to Geoffreys post. He is making good sense. In any event, good luck with your new press.


John - could you send me an invite also? I’d love to be part of the group. Thanks!
Steve Nartowicz
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