Heidelberg Windmill Oil Gun…. Alternative?


I’ve recently bought a 10x15 Windmill. Great machine but its missing the Oil Gun sadly. I’ve seen some for sale on various sites and some companies. I need the gun this weekend so I can begin to use the press. I was wondering if anyone in California might have one I could purchase or might know of a quick alternative until one arrives from another source.

Thanks for any help.

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You can use a grease gun that you can fill with oil. Don’t use grease though. The grease gun’s hose will fit the nipples on your press.

Hicks Brothers (now in Fremont) has them.

Ill try the grease gun. Sadly I’ve already tried contacting them and they don’t have any. They get them from the same place I found.

Grease/Oil gun for the Heidelberg Platen, A mountain seems to be appearing from a Mole Hill!!!!! If the desire is to have a beautiful tool board, with all the genuine/authentic/traditional tools outlined and in place, to see at a glance what is A.W.O.L good retro thinking, if it is purely a means to lubricate the machine, from the lube chart, there is /was only about three methods to achieve this “A” concave nipple, “B” convex nipple or Garage type pressure driven Gun, with minute snap on quick release jaws. Your local Autoparts store must have the answer, over the counter, given the format of your application points

There are modern made guns available from heidelberg machine suppliers ,wheres the problem??