Anyone out there know about a Jones Press

I recently came across a Jones Press and have not seen a photo of one exactly like this press anywhere on the net. It was frozed and nothing would move, I now have the entire press working smoothly, it was outside in the rain for several years. Nothing is broke, foot pedal runs very smooth. The main wheel has straight spokes, which I’m trying identify as close as possible the year. This Jones Press is a 1,000 lbs. floor model. Has the words Patent above the platen.
I’m new to this world of printing and would like to know more.

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There was a Jones platen press advertised on Briarpress a few years ago:, in Colorado. There is contact info and maybe the pics are still on the link. I don’t know if they sold it, scrapped it, or gave up. The Jones press was one of the many that imitated the Chandler and Price style in the 1890s after the patent ran out. Don’t know how long they made them. There’s a pic online somewhere of the Jones press at the 1893 world’s fair. Do you have a picture of yours?

Looks like there are no pics on the link. I saved them and have them somewhere. I’ll look for them and send. Do you have a regular email address? Thanks.

John M. Jones lived in Palmyra, NY and designed and manufactured about 13 different styles of platen job presses, as well as paper cutters and other equipment, working through 5 different companies he founded and sold one after another. His Globe, Peerless, and Lightning are, I think, the better-known models. He also built a Jones-Gordon. So a lot depends on what Jones press you have.