Where to find a press machine in Asia

Hello, any asians in this place to guide me here to kickstart pressing some paper?

I tried DIY but couldnt get an uniform pressure entirely, and is slow in production. So just thought that I can invest into getting a proper press.


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Hi there Andy. Glad to see more Letterpress folks from Asia. May I know where you’re from? I am from Singapore and will be more than happy to share whatever little knowledge I have of this vast world of letterpress.

Hi all, finally see someone here is from SEA. I am from Malaysia. I am also looking for a proper letterpress machine. I am currently looking for presses from US, but is a daunting task to bring back here.

I saw a press in Nakhon Si Tammarat in Thailand last year. A Heidleberg windmill. Was sitting in a little shop and had been used by the father of the family. press was sitting unused and neglected. that is located in the south of the country, near Krabi.

Hong Kong here.
I heard there is a government supported group of Letterpress preservation enthusiast in Malaysia. We were given a letterpress printed calender last year.

Hi, uthmod, you mean the royal press in Malacca, malaysia? There have letterpress machines indeed and restoration in progress. I am actually looking for the modern type of letterpress, with deep impression on a thick paper, usually using photopolymer.

May I know why they don’t use polymer? Do they really refrain from it like some fundamentalist?

I’m from the SEA too. There are a few letterpress machines here. Mostly C&P’s. :)

Humidity may be why they shy away from it ,would make storage a real problem in the rainy seasons !

Or they could just be interested in the traditional methods of letterpress to a point where it is important that they not rely on plates; their website leads me to believe they made a decision not to work with offset printing due to the labor it would cut out (anotherwards, they wished to continue employing people). I can respect their respect for tradition.

@satangelic I am from Malaysia. To date, I am still looking at relevant info. Can’t get hold of any. :(

@uthmod Malaysia government in support? NO WAY. they can’t get even fix a street light.

@woyinaj where do you find C&P? :)

We are looking for a letterpress printer to do wedding invitations in Malaysia. We already do offset and digital and want to add letterpress. Is anyone able to do letterpress printing for us? Please email us at [email protected] if you’re interested. Thanks.