Converting an etching press into a proofpress?

recently an idea struck me and now I´d like to ask if it would be possible to convert an etching press into a proofress.
I already own a proofpress, but only with a 40 cm wide pressbed.
I also own an etching press with 60 cm wide rollers which I converted out of an old wash mangle.
Lately I found a rubber covered roller on a scrap yard, the rubber is pretty hard, I think almost as hard as on my proofpress.
The diameter of the roller is 70 mm.
So I had the idea to build a new press bed with typehigh rails and to swap the metal roller of the etchingpress with the rubber covered one so I could print larger posters with my wood type.

Would this work?
Is it important that the roller rolls over the type or can the press bed roll under the roller?
Would the roller diameter be sufficent for an even pressure?
I think the most important part is the press bed which has to be very stable and even. I thought about thick lumbercore plywood covered with sheet metal.

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I recently stumbled across this woman’s description of turning her dad’s flat bed etching press into a printing press to make wedding invitations -

Maybe their description of the process they used might be useful to you? Or perhaps you could reach out to them directly. Good luck!