Nikki Werner, printer 

Barn Owl Press

Barn Owl Press is a one-woman letterpress print shop operated on a beautiful 120-acre farm in western Minnesota. I do my own work for sale as well as custom design and printing work for customers who love old school letterpress. I prefer to carve my own designs and hand set lead type, letter by letter. I have been making paper for two years and starting my own papermaking studio at the shop as well.

image: barn copy.jpg

barn copy.jpg

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like your work, nice website, good to see someone setting hand type. Why is it that there are many print shops in barns?? I know of at least 10 that are either in chicken coops or horse barns, my shop is in an old horse barn and i raise chickens, my friend down the street is in a chicken coop and he raises horses.

Nice work on your site, and beautiful illustration of the barn here :)