Entire Letterpress Shop

An entire letterpress shop exists. Would it be better to part with it in segments or keep it intact. Antique dealers are interested in the type cabinets. Everything is working. Looking for advice. Pictures to follow. Andrew

image: DSCN5416.jpg

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Depends on what you are wanting to do.
If it is complete and functional and has family history, and you have the time to work with a buyer, sell it complete. Looks like a great way to help someone new get in the field the right way.

If you are just looking for best dollar amount, selling pieces will generate the most money, but you will end up with a fair amount of stuff at the end that will not sell.

General location, ease of moving the bigger pieces, time frame for potential sale also will influence potential buyers.


Thank you for your comment. I wish that it can be used rather than scrapped. No rush for action. Any idea what it may command at fair market value?

Market value is………………?
Location, condition, exactly what is for sale, etc.
Need more info. than what one picture can tell us.

Linotypes/Intertypes are all over the price scale.
I am trying to figure out how to get 2 home right now that are free for the taking. Problem is they are 700 and 1300 miles from where I live. Even free not sure if I can afford to save them.

Fair market value is 500,000 dollars give or take.

That is, if you have 33 Vandercook Power Universal III’s for sale ;-)

The point is that the one picture shown is the least likely item to be sold possible. Most of us who want a Linotype already have one or more. And to get another, the price and conditions of removal must be extremely favorable.
The rest of the shop is what matters to 99.9% of your potential buyers.

Andrew -
The most important detail that has not been answered yet is WHERE ARE YOU?????? It makes a world of difference if the shop is located in northern Idaho as opposed to central Ohio for instance. Because of the size and weight of things, location is truly a primary factor for anyone interested in obtaining this stuff.


Hello, shop is located in Toronto, Ontario. Some more pictures posted. Thank you for your comments.

image: cabinet.jpg


image: cabinet 2.jpg

cabinet 2.jpg

image: cabinet 3.jpg

cabinet 3.jpg

image: cutter.jpg


image: cutter 2.jpg

cutter 2.jpg

image: heidelberg.jpg


image: ludlow.jpg


image: proof press.jpg

proof press.jpg

image: saw.jpg


additional images revised sorry

image: cabinet 2.jpg

cabinet 2.jpg

image: cabinet3.jpg


image: proofpress.jpg


Hi Andrew, I’m near Minden, ON and could possibly use some of your stuff. Can you send me your phone number or you can call me at 705-489-2036. Bob

The Vendercook and the Heidelberg look like they haven’t been used in years. Why is there rust on the Heidelberg?

The other equipment looks ready to go to work.


If you’re in Toronto you could also contact [email protected]

They buy entire shops.


Thank you all for your replies.