Want to be a letterpress mentor?

Hope this doesn’t sound to weird. But I wonder if any letterpresser out there want to have a long distance protege who will try to start up a letterpress studio.

For now, I have nothing but lots of pieces of ideas and a burning interest for letterpressing and I’m eager to learn.
Well, if you’re an experienced presser that maybe own a small printshop (or maybe you’re even retired) and think this sounds fun, shoot me a email at [email protected] or just send me a message here on Briar Press and we’ll talk some more. (Can’t offer much back more than share what might be a funky LP adventure!)


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You are welcome to contact me - I would gladly help you get started :-)
All the best from Denmark & Gott grüß die Kunst


You’re in good hand with Jens, Johan. You are lucky that you are close enough to Denmark that taking classes from him may be feasible. There’s nothing better than face-to-face, hands-on mentoring.

Your enthusiasm is much appreciated, and I’m always impressed with the English language skills of our Scandinavian printer-friends. Best of luck to you!


Thank you all for replying, in comments or via mail!
I’m still looking for a platen letterpress with treadle to buy. If any one have any ideas, recommendations or other things that is good to know before buying a letterpress I’m happy to receive it!

Jens: I’ll write you an email.

Barbara: We subtitle everything in Sweden (and rest of scandinavia I guess) and we love american and english movies. That’s a good reason that a lot of people speak and write english quite well relatively early I guess. Thanks.

~ Johan