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I am happy to highly recommend William’s courses. I recently completed a 3 day course with William Amer. We (my family & I) travelled down to Rockley, NSW and stayed in accommodation in Bathurst (lovely little place called Mary’s Place). All the travel effort was definitely worth it. William is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas of printing, presses, tools and other machines (?). I found the way he taught very applicable to how I learn. I absorbed SO much information but didn’t feel that mind-numbing overload that can often happen when learning a new skill/ art.
“Trish’s Dishes” were all very tasty and I enjoyed conversing with the two of them over meals each day.
I look forward to returning some time (hopefully not in the too distant future) to learn more…and eat more of Trish’s scones with jam & cream!


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I have seen other posts on here praising his courses, he has posted on here and he really knows what he’s talking about.

Thankyou Beth for your words, you certainly came well read for the course. One can read all the books, which are vital in our trade, but nought can beat personal instruction and all the other aspects of my courses.
Dickg, thankyou, venerable brother for your words. A wise man are you and I appreciate any comments you make. I’d say in about 5 years I’ll be finished and getting on with the rest of my life, like right now I’ve gone into Winter recess for the Rockley Winter, and will be back in operation late August, when Spring springs. Bookings are healthy for then and all bodes well for the trade. Ooorooo!

Hands on learning will always trump books in a trade! Thank you for passing on your knowledge so this art can stay alive.

I would suggest supplementing any hands-on learning with some good books on the topic. No disrespect meant to contemporary sources, but I would first point you toward the 20th century manuals like General Printing, The Practice of Printing, Elementary Platen Presswork, Platen Press Operation, etc.

Learn from someone who knows their craft in the day and dig into a good manual in the evening.

There’s a bit more info on those books and some others here on David Rose’s site:


I have ear-marked some of those titles already (too read) but I didn’t recognise a couple of them so thank you Daniel. There seems to be SO much on the web coming out of US but very little in comparison here in Oz.
If there is anyone that lives on the Gold Coast, QLD that needs/ would like someone to clean presses, sort type or any other tedious/ time consuming task and would be willing that can teach their craft in return, then my hand is up!
It was interesting reading a thread on here last night that was started up in 2008 that seems to be where I’m at at the moment.