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Hi guys, it’s a honor for me to be a member of this lovely site.

I’m a very young soon-to-be presser. I am building a very little letterpress lab for my graduation project. We have a small archive of wooden display typefaces that has never been used and I’m building the presses - a hand-operated proof press will be completed the next week - and organizing the stuff. I’ve identified 80% of the typefaces, most of them are vernacular rip-offs of famous types like Futura and Windsor and I plan to complete my thesis project in fall June. I will print three or four little books and I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on and maybe ask for one or two advices!


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You need to be careful of those ad vices, you see all those lovely fonts and keep thinking ‘I wish I has some of those to print with’.

By the way, you are a soon-to-be letterpress printer, not a soon to be presser, pressing is what they do in laundries and steel panel production etc.

Let’s see a pic of your proofing pres when finished.


Also post an image of the typefaces you haven’t been able to identify and I am sure you will get a response here that will give you their names.


This are two of our typefaces.

The formerhas strong similarities with Miller & Richards Bohemian and its digital revival, Nick’s Fonts Moravian, yet the uppercase seems totally unique.

The latter is more undefined, it has a certain art-nouveau/liberty feeling but I couldn’t find any similar font on the specimens I have at hand.

These are my earliest frottage prints and I’m already aware that they are of extremely poor quality :)

image: viennesebozza.jpg


image: miller&richardsbozza.jpg


Platen Printer, (with respect) You are quite correct, to try, to educate those, that are just starting their learning curve, when they may have only seen, or been able to see, reference to wine presses, i.e. surely,>> *screw presses* by another name.???<< What would those, operators/users, (drunk or sober) have been called.!!!!!>>With hindsight perhaps!!!Wine Pressers became, in later years, LETTER PRESS, Printers I think I met a few,.??? **Stanhope, Columbian Eagle, Hoe, etc**