Is there such a thing as a Printing Apprenticeship anymore?

I wish to pursue a career in printing (starting with letterpress but I’m interested in learning other styles as well). Do I need to enter into a Graphic Design course to become a Printer?
I have completed a couple of letterpress courses recently and have done plenty of reading and researching. I’m at the point now (I think) that there is not much more I can do without getting my hands on a press of my own or to offer my time to another in return for hands-on learning.
If there are any letterpress printers willing to teach/ mentor a very enthusiastic and patient (except to get started) student/ apprentice please contact me via email [email protected]
I’m based on the Gold Coast but willing to consider moving within Australia (if the location can work for my family).


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Hello Beth,

You seem to have the right approach to learning letterpress printing — congratulations!

Have you seen this thread? —

Mr. Amer might at least be able to advise you.


Thanks Barbara, I have completed Will’s extended course and have kept in touch with him. I hope to return in the future to glean more knowledge from him. He’s a fantastic teacher!

An unpaid, unsolicited comment, thankyou Bethany. Bethany is a natural, always alert, prepared and on time for my classes. Quick to grasp the principals and apply good commonsense. Practical, yet well read. Any “real” printer will have a valuable worker with her, she is worth investing time and money on. William Amer, Rockley NSW

And, “Thankyou” Barbara for your reference, above.

I hear you Beth, i was in those shoes 3 years ago. Called page after page of the yellow pages in the printing section, made friends with the printing association in Victoria, searched and searched. The printing association was quite helpful though. They sent me a pack of info for different career options in the printing industry. I still have the alert sending me jobs for “machinist” once in a while. That gave me better results in searches.
The print assosciation said to me that apprenticeships in the print trade were available but i could never come across one in my area. I ended up becoming a school teacher and i print as a hobby. Not an English teacher as you can figure!

Anyway, sorry long-whinded answer, if you are true about the print trade as a long term choice you probably need to do a diploma finishing artist, pre-press or course of that sort to put your foot in the industry. Good luck! Leo