French Clarendon Woodtype

Recently I bought a Woodtype Font of 12 Line French Clarendon, stamped “Hamilton Two Rivers” on the A. It is identical to the Woodtype on pg 258 of Roy Kelly’s “American Wood Type”. Unfortunately I have no letter T’s and only 1-C, 1-G, 2-I, 1-M, 1-N, 2-S, 1-U……….fine apart from that !
Does somebody on Briar Press have a 12 Line French Clarendon Woodtype for sale so that I can make this “family” a bit more complete and fill in the gaps ? It seems to have been a popular Woodtype face back in the day and fairly common.
Please do not respond if you are breaking up a font to sell a few letters to me etc.
I am willing to pay a reasonable price ,as is Don Black Linecasting reasonable prices and not Ebay prices plus USPS Flat Rate International Shipping rates to Australia. I am registered with Paypal for quick payment.
Thanks in advance.

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image: french.jpg