Price of an Adana press?

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E bay auction will give you a clue as to the elastic value of smaller adanas .
If you have an interested friend then £100. with a few bits and bobs would not be unfair .
Stick it on E Bay and watch it sit at £70. for a while and at the last minutes see it fly past £200 .. No rhyme or reason in value of the small ones ,it will be like any auction ,how badly someone wants it and how many people are after it .
The quarto a friend pointed out the other day had passed £500 when i looked at it last .

That Adana quarto went for over £1,400, the world has gone bonkers.

Eevey if it has H/S on the side it is an early model weighing about 15 kilo. If it has H.S. it is a later model with an alloy main frame and weighs about 10 kilo.
Check if the ink disk spindle is worn, push down on the bottom edge of the ink disk, if it touches the bearer chase a buyer is going to have problems with it.
As Peter said watch Ebay to check the going rate.

Ok thanks for the info guys.
I feel that if all this printer is worth is £100 or so then I would sooner keep it in memory of my dear Dad.
Nothing is worn on it, it is unused ,the roller has simply rotted over the years of I guess it being left untouched?
It is packed in my loft right now and to move it is beyond my strength so I have no idea what ‘hs’ it is, but good info.
I will check out e-bay and see what happens there, many thanks, Eevey