Installing two miehle V50X presses (first problem:vacuum)

Hi everyone!
I want to start by thanking everybody in this fórum for the tons of knowledge you transmit to others. Ive been Reading the fórum for sometime, it helped me decide towards the miehles i now own. I bought one miehle v50x press that came with a second machine “for spare parts”. The owner told me he thought there was nothing wrong with the second press but he was not sure as he never used it. When the presses arrived we cleaned the up, and lubricated them, read the manual and just recently ran our first job on it. It ran great. We are very happy with it but feel the vacuum is a Little weak, we get Readings on the gauge that bounce between 3 and 7. We removed all of the hoses and cleaned them, dissassembled the pump and cleaned, and also the feeder tube but our Readings are pretty much the same. WHAT KIND OF VACUUM READINGS IS EVERYONE GETTING WHILE THE MACHINE IS RUNNING?
thanks for your help,

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bacachero I assume you are near me because everything in the southwest ends in “ero” so go out and buy a bucket of elbow grease another bucket of oil a small package of patience and i think you’ll be ok, oops i forgot time. It depends on the miehle, different press different pumps. but here on earth you really cant pull more than 20lbs. best james

Yes! Im in the south….south of the border actually…in northern Mexico. Got lots of time and patience. Press#1 is running great. Press#2 is in progress, it has a very fancy electrical system that i dont think is working (loose end wires someplaces) i will install a regular electrical system soon. I have already ordered the missing parts and hope to have it running soon!

to james bourland

Have you ever seen a vacuum of 20 lb? I’m not an expert on that kind of thing.


@ Alan, Yes, when I was a child we had one of the first
electrolux vacuums and I believe it was about 20lbs.
Back to the V50X it has the best air pumps ever put on a
vert. I never really put a gauge on a line,as soon as you turn on the press its pretty clear if you have blast or suck. On my
vacumm units in the darkroom pull 20lbs all the time, they have factory gauges.
@Ernest Ralph Crawford in L.A. California is a good parts source. I live north of the border, Northern New Mexico.
best james

to james bourland

Thank you; should I phrase my questions more completely from here on?


Just for the record vacuum is not measured in “lbs.” it is measured in “inches of mercury” - common mistake.

Blast from the Past , probably irrelevant but possibly not!!! One seems to remember that, Vertical Meihle,s according to which Era they came from etc were fitted at different times with different PUMPS? I.E. those with the Meihle Goss Dexter Logo, (3 pointed Star type, like Mercs) had a variety of pumps fitted, some Vane style some Diaphragm Style? Just possibly ascertaining which style may have some relevance to Problems, Solutions, Answers??? IF this be a red herring apologies. *******