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I've saved many jobs, by adding a shim...4 Oct
If it is available, a small vacuum...25 Sep
Might be best to re-drill and tap to a...29 Aug
If you don't want to strong of chemical...4 Aug
If you have resources and the ability...24 Jul
If you look around you can buy a...24 Jul
If one is handy you can keep a 1250...23 Jul
Use to run "Goes" bronzed certificate...20 Jul
most anyone that sharpens blades has...16 Dec
I guess the card is one up which...1 Dec
Have used Gans for at least 30 years...21 Nov
posted twice.21 Nov
you could, but it would be better to...18 Nov
As a freshman in college in 1968 I took...14 Nov
For the record Virkotype was a licensed...14 Nov
the ideal part would be the one that...12 Nov
because you are laying down such a thin...8 Nov
i don't think it is for a C&P, to heavy...1 Nov
The answer to all three is still NO...23 Oct
you might go to a hardware store and...23 Oct
Don't know why the hit and miss at NA....9 Oct
Sounds like a dull blade and not enough...9 Oct
Grasping algebra helps you think...4 Oct
I have found that products that...30 Sep
Don't know your area but to get anybody...17 Sep
It is from a saw - notice the notch.12 Sep
I'll go one step further than John...10 Sep
I believe he is referring to the...9 Sep
You can purchase 1 1/8 wrenches at...29 Aug
I have heard of using corn starch when...23 Jul
Don't know the size of your press but I...15 Jul
Gib screws or gib plates take out...3 Jun
Several years ago Don Leach was still...30 May
email me and I will try to help, there...30 May
I have used the washer idea to raise...24 May
Just for the record vacuum is not...18 May
I have found a paint made my Martin...7 May
Not an easy press to learn on. Can do...22 Apr
Glad you got that color thing worked...18 Jan
Instead of "letterpressed" how about...14 Jan