Roller track and ink disk adjustment bolts

I have a Craftsman Superior press. I believe the the roller support tracks and ink disk have adjustment bolts (thus making taping the rails unnecessary). I was hoping someone could look at my photo and confirm that the bolts circled there are indeed the ones that do the adjusting. If they are, would anyone be able to give me tips about how and when these should be adjusted?

Thanks in advance for your help!

image: Do the circled bolts adjust the roller track and ink disk?

Do the circled bolts adjust the roller track and ink disk?

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All Pilot or Pilot clone printing presses are basically set up the same. The chase bed attach fasteners (4 each) simply mount the bed to the frames. The only adjustment may be slight up and down or side to side.
The ink disc support component could be shimmed to tilt the disc but I have never found this necessary. I have however found that placing thin washers (1.00” I.D.) between the ink disc and ink disc support to be very beneficial in allowing the rollers to contact the ink disc immediately as they transition off of the rails.


C C, Sir, Just a small (outside the box type,) addition to your good buddie as above, as a result of moving, for a friend, a Platen, which we had to partly dismantle, to move, observed a little modification. The machine had contra rotating ink disc assembly and We/I LOST a little tin of safely Kept washers. When the new owner went to print for the first time, the ink Disk(s) were out of sinc, height wise, consequently the absence or presence of washers became (eventually) clear. Exactly as Tom implies.>>Some considerable time later a little spark glimmered within, so I applied the principle to an “iffy” Adana, but took it a Gnats Doodle further and used one thin nylon washer and one thin steel washer, at that thin-ness made no appreciable difference to the height of the ink disc, and by default (not by design) probably helped, in the lubrication of the ink disc spindle. >>>The outside the box Bit???Admittedly I have the advantage of a working lathe and a little expertise, have just made 2 pairs of Trucks (as you call them) because they are twice the width of the rails, I machined them as reversible, 2 dimensions, different by .005 thou, so that within seconds I can alter the contant pressure of the rollers. (not out of my head, advice from U.K. Roller recoverers, I think they took pity on “the Poor Old Goat” when He pled poverty and insanity?)>>I do not see this as Rocket Science unless, you need to keep your options open with your Graphic Suppliers.>> As you seem to be well blessed, or better even, than here in U.K. with metaphoricaly “good ole boys” around every corner, preparing, Hot Rods, Dragsters, Funny Cars, etc, You must, surely, be able to get, a few pairs of Trucks, turned to your specification and needs, rather than STANDARD Size, off the shalf, “take it or leave” For a lot of dollars.

I have used the washer idea to raise the disk. The problem I always had was finding thin enough washers to build up to the height I wanted. Usually the larger the diameter the thicker the washer. Then with my usual over thinking I went to an automotive machine shop and purchased valve spring shims which come in various thickness and solved the problem. They look like a washer and some were even made of copper which allowed them to run in easily. Might be worth looking into.