Cutting sticks

I am just wondering if anybody knows of a source for replacement cutting sticks to fit an old C&P 26” guillotine? I’ve turned mine it’s final time and it won’t last much longer.

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They used to be made from hardwood….I have a couple along with the newer nylon or plastic ones……so any woodworking shop or anyone with a half decent thickness planer should be able to whip up some for you if you give them the exact dimensions. Good luck…..db

You can try Coulter Peterson. Located in NJ. They buy, sell & recondition older cutters.

Their no. is 800-932-7080.

You can find their website at:

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most anyone that sharpens blades has sources for sticks.

Thank you everyone. We are in Australia so I will try Coulter Peterson online. I asked my blade guy when he last dropped in but he said they don’t have any that would fit. I started thinking that the wooden insert that is holding the stick could be remade to fit a more modern version if I had to though.

Gidday from Darwin
I have a Collies Paragon, 26”, guillotine which is an almost exact copy of a 26” C&P.
I got 4 new cutting sticks (blue, commercial, plastic material. Pro-Stick brand) from my ink supplier/blade sharpner.
He was also able to source a brand new, custom made blade with Duritan insert for my guillotine.
He might be able to help you out.
Greg A.M. International 0411 51 4260

Hi Redhand,

Thanks for the tip. I’ll give Greg a call.
Do you have a wooden base that they lock into? I am not sure what the technical term would be. Ours has a long wooden section to carry the cutting stick but it doesn’t seem quite the right size as the cutting stick starts to travel off to the left after a dozen or so cuts. And on the far left I find the blade doesn’t quite strike right. I’ve adjusted to blade to suit somewhat and it cuts like butter but that always bothers me.

Hi again
The base of my guillotine is solid cast iron. It has a recesse where the cutting stick drops into neatly and there is a small lip on either side to stop the cutting stick from moving left or right during cutting. So once a stick is cut to length you simply drop it in place and it does not move.
On the top of the guillotine, the large casting that the blade bolts onto are two pivot points/two giant pins visible from the front.The large pins go through the main casting, through two brackets ,creating a pivot point and out the the other side of the main casting. Check here for wear. I have a similar problem with my guillotine and I’m getting it fixed early next year as the brackets are a bit worn. It’s not a major issue but it is annoying when it doesn’t strike right as you say.
Behind the blade on the main casting there should also be two small adjusting bolts that put downward pressure on the blade when tightened to fine tune blade height and left/right alignment.
Adjusting these might solve your problem too, if that is the problem.
One of the fine adjusting bolts on my guillotine is sheared…another on the ‘fix it’ list when I pull it apart early next year.