common price for a boston tiegel

I’ve been offered a 17x24cm Boston Tiegel today including 8 lead typefaces, all in good condition.

I was hoping anyone could maybe tell me what they paid/would pay for a press&extras like this? During my search I’ve seen some online for 1000 euro, but the price he’s asking for it is quite a bit higher.

The typefaces aren’t the ones I was looking for unfortunately, and I don’t think I will ever use them. I am not sure if they would sell well online, but I am thinking of trying that when I buy this offer.

Thank you so much for your help,
LJ Netherlands

image: tiegel.jpg


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I’ve definitely seen them cheaper than a 1000 euro as well, but from everything I’ve heard they are fantastic presses.

The press is worth what its worth to you and your use of it. If you print a few jobs for clients, you’ll soon be making a profit on the purchase.


Hi, im just looking for a boston press.
Show me where you find it cheaper!
I think 1000 is good price when the press is in a good condition and you get the workstuff (chase, keys…) as well.
8 Types are a good start.

looks good to me.

If you are not interested you can bring me in contact to the seller. i would like to print with it.


Hello guys,

lj is looking at a press with Dutch height, with eight cases of type… LJ should check out the website of Drukwerk in de Marge and find out more about prices! Good luck, and good printing. Don’t forget, prices in Europe are not as high as they’re in the USA.