Overall dimensions of a 13” x 9” Arab

I have the chance to acquire a 13x9 Arab. I need to supply the freight company with weight (which I have been able to find) as well as dimensions (which I haven’t been able to find).
If someone owns one of these (or knows the dimensions) could you please reply on this post.

Thank you in advance,


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I believe Crazy Bear studio in Reading has an Arab he might answer your query, other wise Patrick Roe of The Logan Press will accurately know, as he has and refurbishes Arab presses…………..try this link too?

Hi, mine’s approx 1400 high (on 70mm bearers), 1000 wide and 1250 deep overall. There is a bit of confusing info out there about the weight but it should be just over half a tonne.


Thank you for your responses. I’ve spoken with the owner again and found out that it is actually a 10x15. If anyone has the dimensions for this I would really appreciate it.
He also has a C&P but he measured the bed and said it measured as 13” x 17”. I assume this would be the 10x15 platen but could someone please confirm this for me?

I had come across both of those link before thank you, I found weights on them but no dimensions.

Thank you again.