C&P 22 x 14 1/2 Adjustable Roller Track?


Even though research tells me only C&P Craftsman presses have an adjustable roller track, the former pressman for my C&P NS swears the track can be adjusted (although he last did it 20 years ago). I can find three bolts on each side (see photos attached), are these to adjust the tracks?

Or, do I need to adjust the roller trucks?

Also note that I started taping the rails, but with 6 layers of strapping tape and the rollers still right up agains the poly plate, I’m wondering if the tracks are quite adjusted. I have a Boxcar Deep Relief Base with the proper plate + new rollers. Haven’t pulled out the roller setting gauge yet, but a sheet of 20# bond is tight between the plate and the rollers (thanks Inky for the tips!)

image: cp_1.jpg


image: cp_2.jpg


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Those look like some kind of repair, they are not adjustible. Even if they could be adjusted they would do nothing to help your printing.

It is my duty to suggest people buy the UMHW tape from NA Graphics here:


It is a thick plastic and will cut down on the amount of tape needed to lift rollers.

Actually some late series 14 x 22’s were set up with adjustable roller tracks on the bed. These presses also had craftsman style fountains, but were effectively New Style presses (lacking the impression control that Craftsman presses did have.

Those roller tracks do look aftermarket/repair, and the bearing of the roller on the ink disk is of less importance than the impression of the roller on the form.

In the Names of Charles Darwin, Tolbert Lanston, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and even J. C. (the J.C.) wake up at the back!!! If this machine had left the factory with rails to carry the rollers over the ink disk, surely they would have been cast iron with 2/3 nice spokes with cast in/on rails, to do what?? carry 2 or 3 or even four independently sprung rollers over the ink disk to maintain 100% contact.>> Logic would seem to imply that if any permutation, of any 1 from 2 or 3 or four, where any (one) variation in roller or truck diameter, riding on the same rail would achieve WHAT? Even the approach to the ink duct (if fitted) would surely be by adjustment of the ink duct itself? >> If such stanchions were original fittings, yes, adjustable height for roller contact, more or less, over the ink disk, would seem to be, possibly!? desirable.>> IF such fittings were part of the ex factory SURELY they would have been attached to the main frame with at least 2 substantial bolts right in the middle of the web.>>The (after market/repair etc) devise as pictured with one bolt, (iffy) off centre ,into the mainframe, with what could only be described as (U.K.) style Gutter Bolts. with barley twist legs, was akin to that which 2nd Year Guys and Gals did in basic metalwork classes.!!!!>>Yes as M. S. has already implied, 3 bolts on each side, have to be adjuster bolts, and would probably be of the kind, (in the absence of locking nuts) with eccentric collars, contained within the bearer body. >>>Some of the platens seen here, had 2 o 3 securing bolts for the runner tracks, but also had 2 adjuster bolts with, normally, square heads, acting on the back of the bearers, and laying parallel to the mainframe.>>easy positive, foolproof adjustment.!!!

looks like some packing could be put between pres chassis and disk roller supports bottom horizontal plate

Thanks for the advice. There are weld marks, it’s now obvious this piece was installed aftermarket and it doesn’t look like anything is intended to move. Rather than playing with bolts with potentially disasterous results, I’ve taped the rails the good ol’ fashioned way.

Next time I place an order from NA Graphics I will add in the tape, strapping tape will do for now!

Hi everyone!

I have same problem as Michelle S. My rails are worn low. I am also using UHMW tape from NA Graphics to tape the rails.

Question is, is there a specific number of layer of tape that’s allowed on the rails? I’ve put on i think over 4 layers but still not working. The rails are still lower than the roller gauge. Also, top portion of the rails (near the ink disk) are more worn out than the bottom.

So confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!