uncoated stock/ink has sheen

We are trying to match a sample given to us which has the below inks printed.We are trying to print on a highly calibrated thick smooth uncoated stock. We need to print magenta or rubine red or Rhodamine to give us the ink colour but also to have a Gold sheen to it when we hold at an angle.

Can you please a tell us which of above will give us the smooth gold sheen we require? Also under the magnifying the gold pigments in the sample has been very uniformly been distributed on the sample to give the gold sheen to the final product. Can anyone help?

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Hello patel,

Your question reminded me of one of my Flickr “favorite” photo series posted by Jens Hansen. This one is titled “A heart in red and gold 9.” The other photos in the series (1 through 8) show how he did it. Maybe Jens will chime it, but I think the ink looks more red when you look at it straight-on, but more gold when you look at it obliquely.


Dusting is the best route on uncoated stocks , otherwise its the overprint method wet over dry base colour and no stacking of sheets !

You can also achieve this on a (perhaps) slightly less lustrous basis by blending your color into gold ink, being mindful that the gold ink will make your color “browner”. This works best with very smooth stocks. On lesser stock, it may be prudent to print twice, once with a clear or yellow base, and the second time with the metallic color