Name that part!

I was cleaning up the shop this morning and found this random part. I *think* it goes with a Miehle press (at least that what the clear bag said). If so, I don’t own a Miehle and would gladly give it to someone that can use it. Let me know.

image: what_am_i.jpg


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It’s a pin wrench. Used for lifting chase clamp and adjusting parallel at bottom of chase among other things on press handy tool - Ted lavin

Yeah, I was gonna say pin wrench too, whether Miehle specific or not.

i would stick my neck out and say yes its Vertical Miehle, because in my foggy mind they absolutely had to have one, unless you got good with bent 4 inch nails etc.

Pretty much good info, so far, V.M. Tommy Pin used for cranking up the tympan around the cylinder, and for cranking the cylinder round to re pack!!!>>Other presses employed the same system, Peter,will probably confirm that H/Berg Cylinders, employed this system, as well as having squared and ratchet locked bar, which could be cranked up with a spanner, when the Minder/Manager had lost the tommy pin, or worse, had snuk into the Monotrype Dept (and grovelled) to the Caster Operator (who just happened to have a bench grinder) to regrind the end(s) after a little mishap, or 2 or 3 or 4!!!>>>In the case of the V.M. the Tommy Pin(S) sat in a little vertical steel box at top left of the main frame, on English Machines.>> Perhaps NOT so with M.G.D. (American)!!!

thanks for the identification and guidance. someone privately responded and asked for this so i guess it’s no longer available.

Right, I use a Miehle Vertical pinwrench on my Heidelberg cylinder tympan reels. Slight diference between standard Miehle measurements and Heidelberg metric, but it still works.
For better handling I slipped it inside a length of vinyl tubing.
MGD (Miehle-Goss-Dexter) is the very last incarnation of the Vertical press, not the original American versions.

On the topic of Miehle-Goss-Dexter, here’s something cool:

HavenPress, Liked your Share issue link, Nice one, hope it prompts a little more interest, including, was it done on a Vertical?>>>Plus Here, in U.K. Mid 60,s Share/Bond certificates were printed (I seem to remember) 4 up on a Vertical Meihle in 2 or more colours, but had to go out to a trade house/finishers for the punched holes in the date/code area, and the pin punch perf or the early embossing.??>> Perhaps an up to speed Buddy, would post a little seminar, (for the new ones and Myself!!!) about pin punch perfing as opposed to modern perfing rule!!! Because its a racing certainty (if it hasent already) that a post will appear with the question? “What is this funny Machine with a foot pedal and many tiny punches” and will probably prompt the response!! “LOOKS LIKE AN EARLY KNITTING MACHINE” Blah Blah Blah???>>>Or Dick will chip in and state categorically “of course you should all realise its the special Tail Comb for My Prize Winning Stallion from the 1931 Kentucky Derby!!”

meihle pin wrench. I use one five days a week on our miehle 29’s, it is used to make adjustments on the dexter feeder head and also fine tuning chase position. you don’t happen to have a larger one do you?

Meihle Vert pin wrench. Used one last week and every week since 1986!