Letterpress Chase Bench Identification

I recently acquired a large Letterpress Chase Storage Bench, and when we cleaned it up, we found a ‘Joyce Printing Materials’ logo on the sides.

I am trying to find out a little bit more about the bench, which is proving tricky. I am used to typecases which have horizontal slots, so I am wondering about the vertical slats on this one. I’d also really like to be able to find out a rough date for the piece. The only clue I have so far (from Joyce themselves) is that the steel composing plate atop the bench suggests its from the early 20th Century, as before this would have been granite.

At the moment I don’t know if it is rare or valuable, and I would love to know how best I can look after and use this beautiful piece. I am a amateur letterpress fanatic, and I
usually use an Adana 8x5 or 5x3.

I collected the unit from Corby, Northamptonshire, but the Joyce logo on the sides suggests it is made in London EC1. The metal top has a delivery address to somewhere in Thrapston, but again this is partially obscured.

Any info or clues anyone could offer about this would be gratefully received.
Many thanks in advance,

image: chase bench.jpg

chase bench.jpg

image: bench logo.jpg

bench logo.jpg

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I just picked up a stone close to that one, mine is made by Hamilton and only has one draw in the center, the bottom is for holding chases. Just got the stone back on it this past Sunday, locked up my first forms on it yesterday, i don’t think i’ll ever move it again.