Letterpress Workshop at Penland: The Versatile Vandercook

Spend two weeks (August 11-23, 2013) in the gorgeous mountains of western North Carolina at Penland School of Crafts printing on Vandercooks and using the presses to record the surrounding flora.

With its easily accessible printing bed and wide range of inking options, the Vandercook proof press is excellent for relief-printing experimentation. This class will begin by covering the setting and printing of lead and wood type. Combinations of text with imagery printed from a variety of matrices including carved blocks and pliable materials (paper, fabric, plant material) will result in a series of thematically-related broadsides.

Each student will take home a collection of specimen sheets of botanical examples from around Penland combined with metal and wood type from Penland’s collection. We will each produce multiple copies and trade within the class. In order to provide these lovely specimen sheets with a healthy future, we will build custom (and uniquely decorated) drop-spine boxes for the collection to rest in, safely protected into the future.

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