Cutting paper/Paper cutter

This is so basic question, but I’d like to print business cards and wondering how you usually cut the each card even.

I’ve been cutting my paper by hand for years and so all cards are slightly different. I brought regular copy shop to cut the paper but it was worse and the size was slightly wrong and top and bottom paper size were so different.

I usually buy Lettra (20 x 30in) and spend a lot of time for cutting paper by my hand cutter. But the result was not so happy result and each cards are not same size, a slightly different.

My space is limited so I will not be able to purchase a big machine, but I can purchase a table sized paper cutter and I found a paper cutter called “Kutrimmer 1038”. I am wondering if somebody know this machine and if I am choosing a right machine for my letterpress paper.

Thank you for your help!

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Find a local small print shop that will cut your cards for you or let you use their cutter. If you’re nice enough, they might not even charge you. I bring my guys donuts and coffee and that keeps me on their good side!

Why don’t you die cut them?

I have two Kutrimmers, a 1038 and a 1071, and if used carefully they can cut nearly perfectly. They can’t accurately cut a large stack like they advertise, but probably would accurately cut 2 or 3 sheets of Lettra at a time. If you want real accuracy you need to find a commercial printer with a sizable cutter equipped with a proper clamp. If you do a lot of business cards it would be most economical to cut a few jobs ahead. Too many copy shop operators think their little cutters will handle a ream at a time, this is usually not the case. A small stack would probably cut fine, but an inefficient clamp and a dull blade will ruin a whole stack of paper.


If you want to use your hand cutter could you just add guides (stops) to your cutter to make the cuts more accurately?

The advantage to a paper cutter like a Kutrimmer is that it has a paper hold-down and an accurate back gauge which office style cutters don’t have. Without the hold-down the paper tends to slide with the scissor action and thus it cuts inaccurately. Plus with the Kutrimmer the blade is much beefier and removable for sharpening, and parts are readily available.

Just my two cents..

Having recently gone through a horrific paper cutting ordeal I can’t stress enough how important a proper paper cutter is. I had been paying for my paper to be cut at the supplier, they would only cut down to a certain size, they did not do back cutting.

So I bought a relatively cheap paper cutter, cut paper and just made a mess of it. Bought a new blade for that paper cutter, made more of a mess. I think in the end I spent about $200.00 on that cutter ( never mind the paper I wasted ) It is now in a box taking up floor space.

I finally spent bit the bullet and bought a 19 inch challenge paper cutter, all manual but still wonderfully accurate, my paper comes out smooth as glass ( when back cut ). I now consider it to be the 2nd most valuable piece of equipment I have next to the press.

I think the floor space it takes up on the table it is on is about 4x4 feet roughly.

Hi Paul,

I live in Asia and i’m hoping there are good quality paper cutters here too. I’m weary of China brands though.


Can anyone recommend a good paper cutter that’s available here in Southeast Asia?

Thank you so much for all for a lot of option!
I will try to contact local small print shop and ask to cut for me this time.

Die cut will be a good idea too. I never try die cut, so I will check where I can order die cut. I use C&P table top press so I hope my table top press will be ok for die cut.
I am wondering if somebody knows best place to order die cut. (I live in Brooklyn, NY)

Kutrimmers seems a good one for me if I cut 2-3 sheet in a time, so I will consider to get one soon. It will be a nice one for me to make invitation cards.

Thank you so much for your help and sharing the knowledge!

Craigslist! A 19inch Challenge cutter with two blades for $100. Had to wait about a year for one to appear under $1000. Really made working in the shop MUCH easier. Shop well, be patient. But in the meantime taking doughnuts and coffee to a cutter operator works wonders!