Arab Hand fed Platen

I have an old Arab hand fed platen in storage. My guess would be 30s vintage. Does anyone have any idea what it would be worth as I need to move it out of the storage facility

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I forgot to mention the Arab Press is located in Perth Western Australia

Hello Stanbee, it all depends on what you want from it. Do you want to make someone happy by selling (or donating) the press at a fair price? Or are you keen to get the highest amount of money for it. Recently, I was after an Arab myself, the first person that I contacted asked €2000 for the press that I restored myself and sold to him 30 years ago. He never uses it, it just sits there as a showpiece. The second person, who also bought an Arab from me at the same time, was willing to sell me his machine for €500. He was happy with the money and happy that I would be using the press again!

image: Arab.JPG


I bought this to use as a display in my workshop but that never eventuated. Now I am looking to retire so I will be looking to get the best price possible. I have to take into consideration the usual things you have with any piece of machinery such as purchase price, crane hire, moving costs and storage costs to be recouped.

I was shown another Arab which the owner wants to dispose of today - in Christchurch, New Zealand. Foolscap, around 1910 I would think - appears to be all there, except needs rollers. I can put anyone interested in contact.

Hey There.

Are you interested in selling this?


I purchased one earlier this year for NZ$525. New rollers and shafts cost me about the same amount. Another one went recently here for about $1500 ready to print and with quite a few extras. Hope that helps.

Have you sold your Arab?
Very interested - you can contact me on email mlea(at)
Or mobile 0410 405 277