Smallest quoins

EDITED: Hi everyone, which ones would be the smallest quoins available? I don’t mind if they are not high-speed since they are for an Adana 8x5, I already have an aluminum base but it doesn’t quite fit (in the chase with the smalles quoins I could find, which are 14mm) by about 2mm.. any suggestions?

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Hugo Bos of is selling microquoins, look fab, very small indeed but not smaller than 2mm!

I’m very happy with these: 12 x 70 mm quoins from Drucken-und-Lernen. I’ve also got some mini Cornerstone quoins in aluminium, but I prefer the steel and brass ones.[backPID]=121&tx_ttproducts_pi1[product]=61&cHash=4dfd37be66

image: 83fae63a38.jpg


Drill and tap 2 holes in the long side of the chase and put long allen-head set screws in the holes and tighten the set screws against the base to lock it in the chase, or maybe the chase already has the holes. Be sure the holes are parallel to the bed when the chase is in the press.


If as one suspects, the original post has a spelling mistake. I.E. *alumimium base doesnt quite fit into the * CASE* in stead of “CHASE*, NO PROBLEM? hang the chase on the wall for an ornament and lock the Aluminium Base straight into the Bed!!! I have three (3) Adanas in front of me as I key in this post, 4 x 3, 6 x 4 and H. S. 3.? 1/2 an inch bigger in each direction than an 8 x 5 ALL equipped with screw driver operated grub screws. for keeping the chase in and in place.… … I also have ADANA publicity from 25/30 years back stating that as the compound of the rollers spans the entire width of the bed, this is perfectly acceptable, if needs be? … . . A call to your own TARHEEL Roller Company out of Clemmons N. C may prove to be helpful! … . A few days since I contacted them from here U.K. and within 45 minutes came a reply. verifying that they have information on Adana Rollers, far more so than here U.K. supposed Origins of Adana? … All three of my machines will be offered for sale, but only to purchase Monotype Spares. The H. S. 3 with new rollers should make a beautifully acceptable machine for a new recruit.

Thanks guys, very useful information. Ideally I would like to use a micro-quoin, since the space I have between the chase and the base is about 11 mm or .45 ” approx.

With respect, as the original post is stating that the BASE is Two Millimeters (2) too big for the CHASE anyway, why bother!!!! … . Whether the original post was spelling mistake, I.E. 2 mm too big for the chase or the bed, childlike thinking would surely suggest milling the base down to fit the chase or the bed… . OR Magical quoins of 12 x 70 that can make the Base smaller or the Chase and/or the Bed BIGGER

I’m sorry I meant I was two mm short of space needed for the 14mm quoin that I was able to source.

Enrique ,
an adana doesnt need quoins the chase has little grub screws on two sides ,if you have all the adana livery you will have two fouror six point steel strips that the grub screws bear againts so as not to chew your leads and regs .
As for quoins there are mini quoins out there some are 1 1/2 inch x 1/2”.

Hello Peter, I swear my chase does not have those little grub screws.

Enrique is right the standard 8 x 5 chases do not have the grub screws, they are present in the 3 x 2 HS1, 5 x 3 and 6 x 4 HS2.
That said you may be onto something - get a chase to an engineering shop get them to drill and tap in grub screws on two or four sides. Problem solved!


Thanks, that might be the option, would I need one grub screw on the bottom and one on the side, or just top and bottom or left and right?


Hi Enrique;

While these aren’t “Quoins” in the traditional sense, I have some little rouse register devices (anyone know what these are actually called?). They are 6.3 mm at the closed dimension, and expand up to about 8 mm with any usable amount of the threading still engaged. All the way open at about 9 mm.

As I understand it, a few of these guys around a base in a chase allowed you to minutely reposition the base. Loosen one, tighten the others, base shifts slightly.

I only have 4 and have never tried to actually use them- while I’m not interested in selling them (I know there will come a day when I might need them for some reason..) I just wanted to show you there’s somethign else out there.

Flickr set here, including pictures of a digital caliper measuring in mm:

I got a set of those off ebay when I first got going with my Pilot, but never really used them. They were sold as “register quoins” or something.

They are indeed known to me as register quoins , i have a couple of variants of those shown some utilise pin wrench to tighten them ,some a thin flat spanner some even calibrated . cornerstone made our most common ones .

and there are these:Ɵzeug%2C%20145%20mm%2C%20schmal%22

Those look handy.

Register Quoins. I thought they might be but wasn’t sure.
Thanks guys.

Several small press manufacturers such as Kelsey provided screw chases with 4 screws at the bottom and 3 at the side.
Drilling and tapping an 8x5 chase seems a good option but you will have to make sure the screw heads on the side don’t protrude as the chases are often a tight fit.

Set screws are a good option in that case. And a loose iron strip on these two sides of the chase to keep the screw from digging into furniture or spacing is also a good idea.

I have these sweet little midget quoins that go in at 1 pica and expand to 1.5 picas. No name on them, but the patent date is Sept. 27, 1892.

image: midget quoins.jpg

midget quoins.jpg

coooool. I like the simplicity of them.