Kluge ink rail modifications

Got rails back from machine shop and they work perfectly. 1) opened up the counter sink around mounting bolt 2) drill thru face of rial and threaded for a 14/-20 cap screw.Now I can dial in roller stripe in no time at all.

image: IMAG0203.jpg


image: IMAG0205.jpg


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Photo does not show that the rail face is drilled at the bottom also. it is nice to be able to dial in a roller stripe with precision.

This is really cool. Does the Kluge not come with adjustable rails? I would like to know more about this modification as to why it was done and how.

The rails are adjustable (the hole the bolt goes thru is elongated and that too was slightly expanded) one of the issues was that when the rail was moved out the socket used to tighten the bolt would not have clearance on the “bottom “or side closest to press frame pushing the rail back down. With the cap screw you adjust height with the Allen wrench then tighten the bolt so easy.

Ted- curious, has that hole started to chew your trucks up at all?

the holes are slightly chamfered so i foresee no problems whit the delrin trucks getting chewed up by a hard/sharp edge.

I’d be more worried about slippage as the truck goes over the hole with very little solid contact. You could turn some sacrificial Delrin plugs to fit, then scrape off level with the track. Sacrificial because you’ll have to chisel them out for each adjustment.

Rollers are not slipping. Rail and trucks clean and dry. Already talked to machinist about plugs if needed.

Ted- Cool. I have a C&P model N that has some similar holes, but they don’t come all the way thru to the front of the press. There are some bolts you turn from the side with a pin instead, and as they toggle downward they produce the same action as your set-screws do. Difference being, no holes in the face of my rails….. I’ll take some pics sometime.

Are the c&p rails removable from the press? The bolt/pin setup sounds similar to the chase adjustment bolts on a mehiele vertical.