Chandler & Price Grippers

Could someone please fill in the dimensions accurate for the attached image. These are for a Chandler & Price 10x15 New Style.
A friend of mine is able to make some Gripper Bars for me if I have some dimensions for him but I don’t seem to be able to find this information anywhere.

Much appreciated, thank you if anyone can help.


image: IMG_1669.JPG


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The ones I’ve seen had a bent-over end next to the bolt hole, which went over the edge of the gripper bar mounted on the lower edge of the platen, so the dimension there would be from the center of the hole to the inside of the bent-over tab, the same as from the center of the slot in the gripper bar to the lower edge. The length of the grippers would be the width of the platen plus the distance to the lower edge of the gripper bar. I think the thickness of the grippers is 1/8 inch. The width I’m not sure about. There was a standard gripper finger that slid onto the grippers and locked in place but I don’t know their dimensions.


Thank Bob, much appreciated.

I photographed a gripper from my CP 10x15, measured it, and annotated the photographs. I’ll attach a tiny BriarPress-compatible version of the image here, but it won’t be useful at this scale. The full-size image is at:

Note also that NA Graphics ( ) sells CP 10x15 grippers (with fingers):

David M.

image: CP 10x15 NS Right Gripper, p/n 81, measured

CP 10x15 NS Right Gripper, p/n 81, measured

That bent lip is what keeps the gripper from shifting into the form (for example when drawn in by rubber band or string frisket tension).
The groove shown in both pictures above may be for third-party fingers such as on Triumph or Rudow grippers, never saw this on older original C&P grippers.

The grippers on my 8x12 New Style do not have the groove but do have a crenelated edge in half-pica spacing. I.e., a squared cut-in 6 points wide, then a squared 6 point section, then another 6 point cut-in, etc. This is on the edge with the curved cut-out near the mounting and the gradual taper towards the point. On my press, these are mounted to the inside of the forme. I’ll try and remember to take a photo of this when I get home tonight.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

There were a couple different gripper designs using such teeth along the edge. I use a pair of Kasper grippers, with matching fingers which lock securely into place.