Plate Maker Purchasing Question

Hello Everyone,
We are looking into purchasing a plate maker. Its a Supratech Flexceed. This is a 20 x 26 Supratech Systems Plate making system.

Has anyone every used this to create plates for letterpress? Do you have any input on an alternative system? I have done alot of research and it seems NuArc is a huge supplier so my concern with the SupraTech is it may be hard to find parts (bulbs, brushes, etc).

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

image: supratech.JPG


image: supra-lights.JPG


image: Supra1.JPG


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Does it have a washout function, or is it just an exposure unit?

I’m going to guess this is an oven and exposure combo, and that there might be a second set of lamps on the lower portion that are set up for antitack, but at least that there is no washout function unless it’s in one of those drawers?

It looks like it would expose polymer, but what you really want is both eposure, drying oven, and a temp controlled washout bath with a mechanized agitation brush to maximize process control.