Letterpress and Book Arts Collective Studio in New Orleans

Letterpress & Book Arts Collective Studio in New Orleans
Info Session on Monday, September 23, at 8pm.

We are looking for letterpress printers and book artists interested in forming a collective studio in New Orleans.

The general concept is this: we will share a large studio specializing in letterpress and book arts. Members of the collective will store their personal equipment to be used by all while enjoying personal workspace within a collaborative environment. We will build the studio to our liking, and work together to acquire large, prized pieces of equipment such as a certain model press or board shear. Eventually, members will have 24-hour access to a fully outfitted letterpress print shop and bookbinding studio for under $200/month.

At this info session we will discuss how this letterpress and book arts collective studio will function, and we’ll talk about the studio space currently under consideration. We will assess the needs, assets, and experience of the community, and this meeting will be your chance to apply to be a founding member; come to this info session if you’re interested because we are moving quickly and we’d love to have you.

As we grow, we will offer workshops and exhibitions, and raise the profile of both our members and our collective. We hope to work alongside other organizations to build a thriving and diverse book/paper/print community in New Orleans.

For info session location and more information, contact me (Amelia).

For an example of a successful letterpress and book arts collective studio with a shared-equipment operating model, check out Em-Space in Portland, Oregon: www.em-space.org.

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