C&P chase questions

I am working on getting a C&P 8x12 up and running. It came with 3 chases, 2 of which are cracked. One has been brazed before and the other has not. The one that is not broke is bowed somewhat. It does not rock on a surface plate but i can see daylight under the chase on the sides. should it sit flush all the way around? What is the best way about repairing a cracked chase? Im a machinist and a tig welder but I admit I have never been good at brazing or silver soldering.

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Hello, i have some ideas but if would be helpfull if you could provide a picture or two to get the best anserew.

I had one C&P chase that was cracked at the corner, and my blacksmith grandfather’s solution was to tap and drill and insert an Allen setscrew rather than subject it to any heat from welding. I did not use that chase for anything but small forms needing limited quoin pressure.
But then small forms could be held easily by a new card chase made from plywood. This has been described on Letpress and other forums.

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