WIKIPEDIA, or ‘Would you like to buy a bridge?

This quote is directly from Wikipedia:

“The California Job Case has three sections, with the rightmost sections containing capital letters in alphabetic order except for the “J” and “U”, moved to the lowest line to help avoid confusing them with “I” and “V” respectively.”

Reading Wikipedia you can learn something new everyday!
Not exactly true, but new.
While I have your attention, I have a beautiful bridge for sale, with a low down payment!

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Well, what would one expect when anyone is allowed to contribute and there is no authority. Check out Letterpress Commons, not any different, though the infomercials are a hoot.

A quote I dug up somewhere: “The internet makes smart people smarter, and dumb people dumber.” Makes one wonder what is the halfway point?

Folks don’t seem to know how to read for content anymore, nor do they want to. But they sure do know how to upload photos with banal captions.


Aw Gerald, are you not a fan of instagram?


Well, let me explain it this way. A long while back I wrote an article for the fine press publication Bookways titled “From Where to Where.” It began with a reference to the movie The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. Here’s a bit of it:

“In retrospect, The Wild One is remarkably innocent, as typical of sociocultural portrayals in the fifties, but even by today’s preconceptions the sheer size of the army of motorcycles riding into the town is startling. The scene has wartime reference to it, but it is also a symbolic indicator of growing postwar generational alienation, a phenomenon that was only beginning to reveal itself… Another scene, interesting because of its historical signifiers, takes place in the town’s one small bar. Two engaging gang members are hassling the owner-bartender with a bewildering pre-rock-and-roll bebop routine that has him flummoxed. They call him “Pops” and ask if he has a TV in the bar. “No,” he says, “I got a radio, TV is just pictures, pictures with a lot of noise, that’s all people want these days is pictures.”


Oh, the movie was based on an actual event that occurred in 1947, the ravaging of a small California town by gangs of motorcyclists. It became known as the “Run on Hollister.”

Yes, Pops likes movies.


What exactly is not true about that Wiki statement?


I know you’re joshing me!

——General Printing, by Cleeton and Pitkin:
Capitals, used much less than lowercase letters, are organized alphabetically, with the exception of J and U, which were not found in the alphabet used by early English-speaking printers. When these letters were added to the alphabet, the printers laid them in the empty boxes following the other capitals.

——Another quote from Wikipedia:
Numerals and symbols are at the top, lower case, punctuation and variable width spaces on the left, and capitals are on the right. Lower case compartment position and size varies according to the frequency of occurrence of the letter contained. Uppercase compartments are uniform size, ordered A to Z. (J & U were not used by early English printers, so they are assigned compartments following Z.)
Excuse me, but I’ve gotten another call about the bridge. fellow wants to know about a “time share?”

The alphabet that we use, is the roman alphabet, the letters Y and Z were added from the greek alphabet. The letters J and U were added in medieval days.
Julius was written IVLIVS.


I wish I could say I was, but, in front of the entire community I confess this somehow escaped me. I was in the structural engineering field my whole life until retirement about 5 years ago when I discovered letterpress. My focus since then has been almost entirely on the Golding line, press engineering, design, and restoration of the same. I honestly didn’t know and feel a little foolish admitting it. I first encountered this with my Ludlow mat cases and thought it did make it easier to differentiate when setting a line or returning to the case. I didn’t do any research to verify my assumption obviously.


I’ve ivst looked over/drooled over yovr flicker site…
Yov’ve come a long way in five years.

To even vs vp, I’ve rvn an 8x12 Golding in my yovnger days…some seventy years later some guy tells me that I’ve rvn the flywheel backwards.
Life is a never-ending learning experience!


Wikipedia is a living document that anyone can edit. If you see an error, and you’re capable of fixing it, click the ‘Edit’ button and fix the error. That’s how it works.

It probably took more effort to come here and complain about it than it would have taken to correct the errors.

Who’s complaining? I’ve sold a time-share on that bridge!


It probably took more effort for you to call him out on his complaining than it would have for you to fix the wikipedia entry.


Haven Press:

Haven, Stan,

If I knew enough about the history of the subject at hand, I would have.

Copy+Paste, my friend. History is mostly Copy+paste now.