Electric business card cutter?

Has anyone used an electric business card slitter before? I found this on binding101.com:

They say it can cut magnetic sheets and up to .3 mm or 300 gsm (actually didn’t think these two measurement systems were directly convertible?)…

My suspicions are that the registration might be a little tricky?

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Never had any experience with a slitter before but, at 4 sheets a minute what exactly are your expectations for this machine?

It says “good for home or office use”. This is not something I would rely on in any sort of print production manner as this unit is not designed for that.

I would guess this unit is one step better than using a hand operated paper cutter that sits on a counter and cuts one sheet at a time. Or using pre perforated business card paper.

I haven’t used one, but it will make a nice paper weight when the blades get dull and you can’t replace them. Why don’t you order a steel rule cutting die instead?