Kluge jammed while embossing

I have a 14x22 Kluge (double arm) and I am in the middle of an embossing job. I am embossing a 13x28 sheet of 24 pt stock with a checkerboard emboss – entire sheet. Looks like I had some miss feeding and I have 3 sheets stuck between the emboss plate and counter. I have had this happen before but never this bad. It is too tight to turn the flywheels so I have backed off the top bolts on the platen as far as I can but still not enough right now. I have release pressure at the top of the platen but still not enough on the bottom. I can’t get at the bottom bolts to release them. I can’t separate the 2 plates.

Any thoughts or tricks?

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Heat the arms with a torch
Let us know how it turns out.
James ‘Mac’ Mcgraw

Obviously you can’t take a press over an insurmountable hump. But can you back away from it against the direction of travel? Put lines on the specific flywheel spokes and pull evenly?

Hi thanks for the input. I did actually get it unstuck late that night. I ended up clamping a vise to one of the flywheels and I jumped on it while another person pushed/pulled the flywheel. Was good to use my body weight.

yes I was always trying to move in the opposite direction of travel.

I will give the above methods a shot as well as I am sure it will happen again.

I am curious though…I will heating the arms with a torch help? Not sure I understand this one.