Letterpress Cabinets and Metal Type

I’m looking to sell my letterpress cabinets and the metal type in them. It come time to make space for something else in my home.

I have 1 thompson letterpress cabinet that is of the california tray size and holds 8 trays, all have metal type.
Asking $350

I have 2 thompson letterpress cabinets that are the 2/3 tray size each which holds 10 drawers of type. Both of these cabinets are loaded with type still. Most of the type in these is in the 12-18pt size. Asking $350 each

I have 1 Hamilton letterpress cabinet that is the 2/3 tray size and has a slant top. Made of beautiful oak. The cabinet holds 20 trays. I have 10 trays to go with it. Most have type in them.
Asking $550.

I’m looking for a buyer who is local or is willing to come pick them up. Accepting offers and judging interest.

I can email pictures if you’re interested, the site won’t allow me to upload the pictures I have due to the size.


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