Kelsey 5x8 Models - The Differences

Has anyone prepared a chart or other comparison of the Kelsey 5x8 models. I know that the ink plate on the earlier models turn counterclockwise and turn clockwise on newer models, but I have no idea what other differences there are. In particular, I am interested to know how interchangeable parts are between the various models, particularly rollers, chases, roller hooks, and the ink plate



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Hmmm, good question! Look forward to response from the group.


thanks for the link - it explains about how the rotation of the ink plate is counter-clockwise on the Model N and clockwise on the Models O and U, but not much other info about the


not to many takers, maybe you should try to figure out how many models there are, lettered and unlettered in the common 5x8 we know . I believe there are 5. I know the rollers in the early ones were about 1/2 inch longer and 1/8 inch larger diameter. Hooks steel rod was 5/16 inch on old ones and 1/4 inch on later ones all held a 3/8 core.


thanks for the additional info - i am aware of Models N, O, U, and unlettered - but not a fifth

the size of rollers and hooks is also good info.

I hope others will add some interesting tidbits


We have 6 different models of the Kelsey 5 X 8 in stock.
Side Arm (Victor), Excelsior (older - unmarked), N, O, P, U