Challenge Style K Proof Press 14.5x23.5

What are the pros and cons of a Challenge Style K Proof Press 14.5x23.5? Is this less expensive answer to a Vandercook Proof Press?


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The Challenge K series features a reciprocating bed, like an etching press. Hick Bros., Ed Regan and Steve Robinson/Letterpreservation have restored them. Otherwise, There are no sources for parts other than form rollers. There is no technical support except for a parts list at
You may find guidance from other K series (or the similar G series) operators, but here are not many presses known
Like most other letterpress equipment, you will be largely on your own, but if it’s in reasonably good shape and the price is low that shouldn’t deter you.

Paul, Thanks for the info. I’m still hunting for a proof press.


Winston, did you for the challenge? If so, how are you finding it? If not, what were the main reasons you decided not to? Paul, I’m looking at trading my Vandy 320 for a press similar to this one. Is that an unwise move? I’m looking for a smaller press, one that can do finer detail. Thanks kindly for any advice.

I was told this challenge is similar to the Vandy sp15 which is what I’ve had my heart set on. Let me know what you think. Thanks!