Letterpress heaven?

Melbourne printers,

does anyone know where the place in this post might be?


it says that it is in a town about an hour south of Melbourne. From the photos it looks like the place any of us would love to encounter. Letterpress heaven, no pun intended.

I am very keen to find the place not only because it would be amazing to see but also becuase i am desperate for a better guillotine. …i dream of a Challenge Diamond.

But anyway, i tried to contact the author of the post and they seem to not want to share that info. Fair enough, a treasure too good to share?

any ideas of where could place be?

image: t1.jpg


image: t2.jpg


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linotype machines, and a whole warehouse of presses lined up.

image: t3.jpg


It´s really a heaven, but it is saddening to see such treasures in this sorry state.
I dont even dare to imagine what could be hidden there.
A good example for hoarding disorder too.

It’s sad to even see this, and to even know it’s still going on TODAY. People are setting up shops every where with no heat or protection from humidity. I just can’t figure why they waist all the effort of setting it up and then wonder why it rusts. Duh!


Another way to look at this: if these machines weren’t ferreted away in this guy’s building, they probably would have been scrapped.

Once alive and well, doing what they were made to do, only to rush away as old people locked in a retirement home to die!