Recommendations for press/machinery mover in Seattle, WA?

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I am moving in about a month and am looking for machinery movers in the Seattle, WA area. Any referrals would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Equipment (estimated weight, I could be way off):
12x8 Gordon Press (about 1200 pounds)
19” Challenge floor model Paper cutter (about 800 pounds)
Large Paragon paper cutter (about 1500 pounds)

They are currently in my work loft which has a roll up door and is in a relatively flat area.

I am looking to move them into a residential garage which might potentially have an incline leading up to it (still haven’t finalized yet).

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Check with the auto moving companies in your area. Find out if they have a tilt-bed truck with a steel bed. A lot of companies move machinery as well as cars, and the operators are often skilled at moving big and top-heavy stuff.


I looked into a bunch of movers in Seattle a while back, I think the one with the most useful and helpful response were these guys:

In the end I moved the equipment myself, but only because Ballard would only work on weekends for a significant increase in cost.

Another thing to try is putting a request for bids on Ridiculous and heavily falsified ‘reality’ TV show aside, it is a good place to go for these kinds of things.

I just found this comment from a helpful internet citizen, relating to my efforts:

“If you do decide a wrecker would work, I highly recommend Hubie’s Towing - they moved a lathe for me and were happy to take on a slightly out-of-the-ordinary job. (206)629-9494 and talk with Hubie.”

Thanks guys!

I would talk to Nelson Trucking.

I haven’t personally used them to move equipment, but it appears that is something they do.

I’m a glutton for punishment and have moved all of my own presses. I suspect if I ever move them again, I’ll get help, so let us know who you use and how it goes.