Another Kickstarter (peripherally letterpress-related)

Hi all; a bit of shameful self publicity, for which I hope you can forgive me.

When I’m not casting type and printing at Hand & Eye Letterpress, I have a lot of daft hobbies, including being a composer and musician: I write for, and play in, a few groups and do a fair amount of music & sound design for theatre, live performance and film.

I’m trying to release an LP of modern composition / ambient / home listening stuff, that I’m hoping will be the first in a series of such albums.

Photography (by Steve Gullick - one of the greatest photographers I know of) will be printed digitally, and the type will be printed letterpress, here at Hand & Eye, on our Heidelberg SB. For the typographically inclined, you may be interested to know that I’ll be casting the type here - it’ll be the, relatively rare, Bembo Condensed Italic (series 294). Designed by Alfred Fairbank, this was originally intended to be the italic for Bembo (270), but was eventually released as a separate series, in only four sizes, and it’s not often seen out in the wild.

Sorry to do so much self-promotion, but I hoped it might intrigue a few. There’s some music to listen to on the page, and there’s a video of me looking awkward, too, if that floats your boat. Thanks for reading.

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